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Special Offers

Dried Fruits

Peak Season Foods all-natural dried fruits and blends make for a wholesome snack or a tasty recipe ingredient as a healthier alternative to many processed foods. Rich in natural color, flavor and aroma, each variety of Peak Season dried fruits offer vital nutrients such as antioxidant vitamin A, fiber and protein with no sugars added. Start eating healthier – order a 2 oz. or 8 oz. re-sealable pack of your favorite fruit. Available in dried fruit powders, too.

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Aronia Berry – A Super Fruit Like No Other Native to the northern United States and Canada,..
Starting at $5.75
Dried Blackberries – Multiple Fruits in One Berry A member of the raspberry family, blackbe..
Starting at $5.75
Dried Blueberries – Nature’s True Blue Fruit As one of nature’s pure blue foods..
Starting at $5.75
The cranberry is a tart fruit that displays great shades of red, making it popular during the holida..
Starting at $5.75
Dried mangoes take the messy out of mangoes. The dried variety of this tropical fruit is packed with..
Starting at $5.75
The red of the pomegranate pops out of the dark blackberry and the brighter blueberry in an equal bl..
Starting at $6.50
Organic Dried Blueberries – Nature’s True Blue Fruit Our organic dried blueberries a..
Starting at $8.50
Dried Pomegranate - The Exotic Super Fruit Pomegranate has been around for ages – it’..
Starting at $7.50
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